Fees for cancellation of hotel – a method to avoid them

From time to time the unexpected happens. You will find yourself in a position where the dreamy vacation that you planned, you need to cancel. Cancellation fee or a fine hotel, you never thought that you have to pay, now looks like a reality. You find yourself within the hotel cancellation policy for 48 hours. Are you reluctant to pick up the phone to undo much studied book. The feeling of spending the money earned, you painstakingly saved on this trip, darken your mood. But by holding the phone a minute, may be the best solution.

Fees for cancellation may Var & # 39; iravatstsa from 10 to 100 US dollars. The average fee is about 25 US dollars. In addition, many hotels, especially during peak seasons or during special events, collect a charge for a room on the first night. Cancellation fee usually begins within 48 hours to 7 days before arrival date. Cancellations due to some unexpected turn of events has always lowered, but to pay the extra money for a hotel stay you will never get the pleasure of double rampant.

Here's a technique to avoid cancellation fees and penalties, which I used a few times. If you find yourself in the hotel's cancellation period, just call the hotel and change the reservation arrival date to this date was far enough in the future that you will no longer stop at the abolition of the hotel. date. For example, if the original booking was the arrival of October 15, and the release date because of the deprivation cancellation fee was October 13th, call the hotel and change the booking so that the arrival took place on 25 October. Then wait a day or two, and then call back and cancel the reservation. Now that you are no longer in violation of the end date of repayment, you can cancel the reservation without any additional payments.

There are situations where this technique will not work? There are a few, to be sure. For very popular special events, for example, bike week in Daytona Beach, Florida, who booked a few months ahead of time and even a year in advance, the hotel will likely not be allowed to change your original booking. In addition, the rate of prepayment hotels almost always require a fee for the change, because the change of the preliminary reservations have a lot of effort in the administrative order. The fee for a change may cost as much as cancellation fee. But as a rule, for the most reservations, you need to successfully change your arrival date in the future at some date in the future that allows to cancel the reservation without having to pay fees for the cancellation.

No matter properly, read the cancellation policy before booking the hotel. Web site that you use for order booking should clearly reflect the cancellation policy review before requesting information about your credit card. Keep in mind that the vast majority of hotels to carry out very soft cancellation policy. For example, the stop time of 16 pm the day of arrival of the & # 39 is a very common cancellation policy. If the hotel does not have a policy that fits your needs, most likely a hotel down the street, it is likely to have a softer policy.