How to save money to stay in a cheap motel, without sacrificing comfort – cheap business travel

I used to work in a large company with the costly bills and sufficient budget in order to stay in a wonderful hotel. Since I recently started working on myself and drive a car more than on an airplane, I found that I needed to find a way to go everywhere and do as much as before, for my old boss, but for a certain budget. I found the best way to do this – to reduce the pre-standards and take a 2-star motel quality and type of the Motel 6 on Hilton's site and Marryota. Usually you can cut down on the expense of the kit. Where I am, I usually pay in the range from 32 USD to a low of $ 50 in the high range. During the multi-day trip, you can save a lot of money. Cost savings up, but there are also cons. Compared with trademarks hotels you are likely to encounter bad with elegant rooms, fine razors and undersized towels for the bath, a noisy environment and the potential for bugs and germs.

I came up with a routine that some might say that this Var & # 39; yat, but if you are used to stay in the best possible way, as I do, it will allow you to save money without sacrificing all their comfort and health. During the trip, I always carry my pillow, top sheet, a light sleeping bag, a can of disinfectant, 2 towels and washcloths, and several plastic bags. In addition, slippers or flip-flops to protect your feet from dirty carpet and a pair zatychak ear, if you have some rowdy neighbors.

The first thing I do on arrival in your room – take one of the motel washcloths and spray it for some disinfectant. With disinfectant and rag I wipe away the TV remote control, telephone receiver and buttons, switches, lamps and light switches and door handles. Next I take a blanket, comforter, pillow top and the sheets off the bed and spread them in a corner. I put the top sheet on the bed, then his sleeping bag and pillow. Finally, I draw attention to the bathroom. Towels and cleaning wipes that they provide, usually wafer thin and bath tubs, so use them for washing.

I dezinfikuyu handle faucet in the sink and shower / bath, wipe the bath or shower and toilet. Put dirty towels for cleaning the corner and hang towel and napkin. I know that this sounds like a lot of work, but in fact it takes about 15 minutes and it is really worth the peace of mind. Make sure you tell about the reception that you do not want maid service during the stay is not hung up, do not bother to go out the next day, the maid did not try to undo your hard work when ready to leave. put your towels and top sheet in a plastic bag and tie the string tightly, so they were carefully taxes when you return home.