Know USA – Express routes

There may come a day when you have to cross the entire United States. You might have to move or on the road. In the US, many beautiful roads and others that are not so great. There are long dangerous mountain roads with beautiful scenery and safe roads bore you death. good rest stop in one state and in neighboring terrible. Does it really matter where you go or where you are moving. Below I have listed the most common rapid transit routes, the United States and positive and negative information about them.

The best stop for leisure time: Florida by far the best stop for rest throughout the continental United States. Enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice, passing through the famous I-95. Of course, you may feel guilty that highway, where you are, and destroy the frail ecosystem of Florida.

The saddest: At any price, avoid Interstate 10, leads you along the south-west. He is known as the sad expression of the express way.

The safest: While driving on the express routes such as Interstate 80, 10 and 95, you should feel most secure. These high-speed routes are considered the least dangerous of all the highways in the United States.

Most interesting: Do not miss the Interstate 70 (through Colorado and Utah), which is known as the most picturesque of all the expressways moving US routes. If you can not reach 70, at least, take the Interstate 90, the longest US route. It goes all the way from Boston to Seattle. Do not forget to see Montana and Idaho on your trip.