Simple fundraising ideas? He came down one woman & # 39; yatsely, adventurous quest in search of ideas for fundraising

When I began my journey parent a few years ago, I did not understand that, too, will proceed to the endless search for simple fundraising ideas. Indeed, I had no idea that one of the major responsibilities of parents is constantly drumming ideas for fundraising.

Even after I accepted the fact that the fund-raising will be a regular part of my life, I still had no idea it would be such an adventure.

You see, in my school, three children, who sell everything from pies to pizza. We are involved in drama, soccer, basketball, and I sit on a hockey board, funded exclusively – you guessed it – fundraising.

I have been trading goods with fellow friends: "I'll take that pie and auction dough biscuits … well, that we still have time." My family & # 39; and do not even answer their phone for fear that they will buy more of the things they do not need.

We & # 39; Well done & em all!

Let's see, what to eat and gift wrap / specialty item / trinket. If you ask me, these kinds of fundraising going excessively used and inflated. Every time I turn my child, there is another directory! In this economy, if I can buy wrapping paper for $ 1.00 at your local dollar store, why would I want a roll of wrapping paper, which to me is worth 9.00 dollars? (So, if it is more qualitative, still picks a gift.) I'd really rather have written a check to school, and then tried to sell this stuff.

Of course, we still bothered to sell things, so double time, I just place an order for the size of his family & # 39; and (reluctantly, of course).

The fact is that recently my daughter came home and remembered that "Boy dough biscuit" said that if they want to have enough money on a trip to the Boston Museum, they "offer" to sell at least two tubs of cookie dough (at $ 14.00 each!). I spent $ 28.00 for two trays of delicious cookies. I could go to BJ & S, I bought a large tub of Tollhouse Cookie dough for $ 6.99 and bought my daughter my daughter less than that! Why do not they just ask for money for a tour? This is ridiculous!

And how about those booths at art fairs or festivals?

Okay, so if you are ever asked to "man in the booth for a couple of hours," Be very careful. Our organization is registered on a stand in our community Summerfest in June. I signed up for early shift (I need to change clothes and enjoy the south with his family & # 39; it). So, the first mistake. Funny how your "replacements" never seems to show up to actually replace you. Thus, I was in 6 hours "staffed booth." If this was not enough to annoy, suddenly the sky was dark, the wind blew, and we were in the middle of one of these terrible lightning and thunderstorms. All barrel wildly; canopy was about flying. And the rain left the rain. Needless to say, we earned very little money that day. (Even putting
"A strong thunderstorm factor" aside, the event was not very profitable, because, although there was a lot of movement, there was also a lot of competition.)

Well, let them not forget about one of my favorite "simple" fundraising ideas, pizza kits and pies.

Well, they are pretty decent sellers, but the logistics are all Var & # 39; Rm. First of all, you need to agree with such a delivery time, because they have to store frozen products. Then, you need to let everyone know when the exact date of delivery, and pray that they really took their products. And if they do not & t; . . well, let's just say it was a damn good thing in my basement had a spare freezer for storing some of these very large boxes! And do not get me started with how I needed to make billions of dollars in phone calls to people who are not from the & # 39 appeared in our mad desire overcomes the delivery time.

But a favorite adventure for me was "Butelkavod". The most basic of simple fundraising ideas. Basically you collect trash people and exchange it for money. A piece of cake.

We also thought. It was something like this: "We'll have a bottle!" "Yes!" "On New Year's." "Great idea!" "All of these New Year's party! We will make a ton of money!"

It has become an obsession. I'm at the grocery store and come across Mike. He says, "Hey, we're on the eve of the New Year party, you and John must stop." Fine, I thought. Give your address to one of the drivers to pick up the bottles in the morning. I'm so sweeps it, that in fact I overheard, to find out where everyone will celebrate.

Thus, the New Year's Day and with maps in hand and addresses of all those aspects that happened the night before, we jumped into our trucks and headed for the street. I said, we live in Maine? We were struck by several December storms and today we expected the North, as they so ardently called. (In case you're not familiar with this term, it basically means that the snow falls in the small crystals are small on average, but the relentless pace until you suddenly realize that you are completely tightened.) This is not going to holding us back. . . Do not worry, just connect and start early.

Here is an interesting concept … an early start of the New Year. Okay, so not all spent New Year's Eve, I – in my piano, clinging to the wood furnace, going to bed early, so we could start early in the morning to go for a bottle. At 9 o'clock in the morning, when you had a party, you most likely will not move, and the more clean the house. Thus, many doors have remained unanswered.

Finally, one neighborhood proved promising, until we saw the guys … Scouts. We could not believe it. They also had a bottle drive! (It's amazing how quickly a bunch of not very excited to be-up-to-early-in-the-weekend teenage hockey players can actually move when they are trying to overtake the boys scouts.)

My friend and I decided that enough of the "door to door", we will sign the local restaurants and pubs. We got into the mother load at our local Thatcher. We rock! Our hopes were high. Then, we hear: "Sorry, you need to speak with the manager, and they do not work for the New Year," or "We have a lot of bottles in the shed, but, unfortunately, the guy plow even more will not be" # 39; so we plowed from the last storm. Come to us in the spring. "

Well, it was adchayvats. We traded phone calls and met regularly at a local redemption center. Snow melts faster than the plows could clear the road, and we realized that the road is too dangerous. With an army of twelve trucks, we headed back to the redemption center, to discover that it was closed due out & # 39; I!

What to do now?

"Bring them to my garage" (What, Who said I to myself Note:? You are too friendly.) Of course, everyone thinks it's a great idea!

Before I know it, my garage full of stale smell of beer bottles, my hands are sticky and cold, I was exhausted, my husband is ready to divorce me, and my car is in the streets, cluttered with 18 cm of heavy wet snow, because in my garage is not enough space!

The following week, my husband and killed the bottle and made several trips to the redemption center. Woo-hoo-o! We earned $ 350 for 15 people, spending a cold snowy day, move around the city. There must be an easier way of fundraising!