Free brochures, tourist guides – where to find the best free advice for traveling

Frankly, free brochures for travel can be informative, inspiring and attractive. They can also be poorly disguised trading platforms that do more harm than good. As a travel agent, I have seen more than my fair share of brochures for travel (our office gets several a day) and decided to share with you the best out there today: Talk about a concise name for the site, right? They give you a PDF file in the brochure, which is very nice if you want to see half a dozen. Their booklet looks professional, and all include recommended itineraries, history and overview of the highlights. One bad aspect – you have to provide personal information before you can get access to brochures. If you would like a brochure on the South-East Asia, check out Travelfish, which is a & # 39 is one of my favorite sites for travel to Asia. They represent modern brochures and tourist guides to Laor, Cambodia, In & # 39; etname, Thailand and Singapore. Travelfish equivalent for the United States. Just scroll down the (incredibly) long homepage and select dozens of different brochures across the country. There is nowhere else to find such a diverse range of destinations that can be loaded at a time. Highly recommended.

Man in Seat 61. This website ( with & # 39 is the ultimate site for travel by train. From California to Calcutta, they have covered a complete description of routes, expected ticket prices and travel time.

Use these free brochures for travel as a way to gain a deeper understanding of your trip to your departure.

Socks compression travel – what is it and what they do

Socks compression travel served as savvy travelers in the past few decades. Their ability to reduce pain in the legs when international flights legendary. There are various compression forces ranging from 10-50 mm Article (millimeters of mercury). In most countries, you can buy any compression socks, located on the counter 20 mm Art and below; All that exceeds this amount will require a doctor's prescription.

Word to the wise: compression socks should not use diabetics, since they greatly enhance the blood circulation in the legs and feet.

The real value of compression socks to travel there on long international flights, and once you start using them, you'll never go back. I recommend to pack two or three pairs in the next trip, one for the flight back to second for any time spent at an altitude of over 3000 meters, and the third for any strenuous activities that can cause pain in the legs (eg, walking, cycling cycling or jogging).

If you purchased OTC travelers socks for compression, you can wear them all day long; if you get them from a physician, you should consult with them regarding proper use. It is worth repeating that diabetics should not wear these socks.

Many travelers will also use compression socks when hiking, especially at high altitudes. Reliable wear them during the day (if they remain behind the counter), and many people love them, even if they do not go.

Okay, enough about the health benefits that fashion? NOT popotel; compression socks Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from knee to ankle. Heck, they even sell stockings in the style of socks now!

10 cheapest places in the world for travel

In this tough economy, most people think that travel near impossible if they do not spend much money on it. If you are one of those who prefer to experience a little adventure without breaking the bank, you can check out the 10 cheapest places to travel for you and the whole family & # 39; and. Discover new sites and fascinating culture, if you go on a journey to these binding sites, even if you have a tight budget.

10. Northeast US

The top three cities in the north-eastern United States, including Washington DC, Boston, and New York – the perfect place for visiting the penny. The best way to save money on your trip – to take advantage of several budget bus companies that can connect you to a variety of destinations such as Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Toronto. One-way one-way trip to one side, travel is really really cheap as possible. In addition to a quiet ride in these buses, you can enjoy surfing the Internet during a long trip because of the free Wi-Fi. Thus, forget about renting a car and just drive on these inexpensive buses when you visit other parts of the United States.

9. Japan

Compared with other famous areas that are loaded almost similar types of attractions (amusement parks, botanical gardens, shopping centers), Japan – a much cheaper option for saving travelers. If you are looking for excitement, such as theme parks and ski slopes, you can find the perfect place to visit in Tokyo. Furthermore, there are budget rooms, which are ideally suited to your budget. In Tokyo, you can find magic pensions, which will cost you only about $ 37 per night.

8. Portugal

Now is the time to visit Portugal, especially the charming city of Porto. This charming town boasts its rustic plyazami, beaches and old-fashioned buildings, nastsilenymi tile in wonderful azuela. About 37 dollars a night, you can find decent housing, for example, taverns, furnished magical antiques. To get around the city, you can comfortably ride the tram less than $ 2, or jump on the ferry on the way to the beach – also at a low price of $ 2 per trip. You can also explore the surrounding areas in a boat with a flat bottom for just $ 29, and that should be enough so that you can look at all the beautiful places of this city.

7. Macedonia

Looking for budget travel for you and your family & # 39; and? Macedonia – one of the most wonderful places to study due to the calm lakes, picturesque vineyards and historic Byzantine churches. Moreover, Macedonia – a great stop for your exciting Balkan trip. Private rooms in Macedonia & # 39; ate quite inexpensive, and you can find a nice B & B rooms for about $ 72. In addition, there are available bus services that can take you to visit places such as the National Park of Galicia, where you will find a place hiking, boat trips or bathing.

6. In the & # 39; etnam

Learn more mysterious sites in the & # 39; etname that are worth your time and money. In fact, to get to these fabulous areas in the country is very simple, and you can either take the bus or to experience the convenience of hiring a moto-taxi. Popular attractions include Chau Doc floating market Vinh Long and Ben Tre. If you do not like places with lots of people, then May Vinh and Ha Tien – excellent options. As for boating, you can find great deals from $ 5 to $ 10, and the pension cost from 10 to 25 dollars.

5. Peru

Typically, a 5-day cruise around the Amazon may cost you about $ 3,500, excluding flights. However, you can reduce the surprisingly high price while dealing with the locals in Ikitase, which is also a & # 39 is the largest city in the world where you can not get on the ground. These local people can adapt the journey of your choice at low prices, you will be for places for fishing excursions piranhas, go to the dolphins in the National Forest Alapayao Misha or visit Otorongo lodge, located on the Colombian border.

4. Mexico

If you want to experience how it is to travel on the rich Mexican culture, then you must do so by visiting some of the historical places of the country. For example, you can rent a historical house, which turned into a tavern, and the price is much cheaper than those that are in the best resorts of Cancun. You will also be surprised Plaza Grande, which shows the beautiful churches and art museums of the 16th century. If you are a weekend stay in the square, you can capture the excitement when a place becomes the center of street parties and dance performances. There are also interesting day trips in the five historic Mayan sites, which cost only $ 40 if you choose the public bus Ruta Puuc.

3. Northern Ireland

Demand in literature, drama and music of Northern Ireland, if you go to this fascinating place travel. In fact Northern Ireland has invested more than $ 25 million in its local tourism, and foreign tourists can get a great benefit from it. Since the last quarter of 2012, there are more available flights from Belfast and London, and travel prices are much cheaper. With the help of a few companies that offer a number of companies, you can take advantage of lower rates for budget travelers.

2. Turkey

Impressive Turkish Riviera – is a magical European item that perfectly fits your budget. Last year, rates on hotels fell by 25 percent, which makes this place a must visit place for budget travelers. One of the best places to start tours – Antalya, a charming town on the southwest coast of Turkey. It offers fantastic sights and tranquil atmosphere that will soothe your senses. Moreover, about $ 100 per night, you can find excellent accommodation in the resorts of the country's waterfront.

1. Greece

In the past, Greece has experienced financial difficulties that accidentally makes its budget destination for every traveler. In fact, you can find the cheapest package that includes the cost of the aircraft and a flight for two just $ 2,800 – and it already includes taxes. It's really a lot, compared to the soaring prices of years ago. Once you're in Greece, you can begin to explore the breathtaking beaches, historic ruins, and a true taste of Greek food that will make your mouth water.

Padarytsesya in the top 10 budget destinations, even if you have little money. Booking a trip to these fascinating places in the world, you can increase your savings by giving yourself time to rest while on vacation.

10 things that travelers should avoid during booking

Traveling to a new place – this is not only a good way of rest, but also training. No matter whether you are traveling for satisfaction or business, it is important to consider a house before leaving. Many tour was spoiled due to poor choice of accommodation and experiences are always painful.

People make a lot of mistakes when looking for the hotel, and they are easy to avoid. Here are some of these pitfalls, to enjoy the next trip:

1. Ignoring hotel reviews

Finding the most suitable accommodation in either direction, get ready to catch and read the reviews of past guests. Yelp and Trip Advisor – these are some sites where you can get accurate information about the place where you want to stay. More details can be found on such sites than on the institution website.

2. Failure to confirm the location

With so many technological tools like Google Street View, to help find a & # 39; sites, there is no excuse to not confirm the location of your hotel. Check out what others on the & # 39; sites around the area, not to stay on a major interstate highway, or market.

3. Do not check if a shuttle to the airport

Nothing is more annoying than an attempt to climb a taxi to the new town, if you pryzyamlitsesya. To avoid this inconvenience, ask about the & # 39; entity that provides transportation to and from the airport.

4. Delivery of parking for granted

If you are using a rental, make sure you have confirmed the availability of parking at the place of residence and the price for it. Consider renting the safety and the high cost of parking, if the institution is not the case.

5. Consider Internet access

Regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it is important to have Internet access, and a good hotel should offer this. However, you also need to consider the cost, so that eventually you will not pay more than Wi-Fi, than a number.

6. Do not ask about breakfast

Nobody likes to leave his room to go to breakfast, hence it is important to confirm the presence of the food and its value. You can easily confirm this by calling in advance.

7 . Failed to subscribe to the loyalty program

Subscribe to awards not hurt when they are available, because sometimes they begin to pay immediately, get the money.

8. Use of loyalty points with third parties

As a rule, if a loyalty program belongs to one or another brand, you enjoy the benefits only when ordering through them.

9. Fear of the transaction

It is your right to ask for a higher rate, and you should not have any trouble with this; after all, any savings will make your stay even better.

10. Do not be afraid to call the hotel

Information on the Internet may not be relevant, and calling directly, you will receive offers that the other guests did not win.

These are just some ideas that you can use to get a good location.

Spend your vacation in Hotel Luxury Park Grand London Paddington in the UK

Guests who stay in London, want is centrally located to easily reach the attractions and business center. The best place to order – hotel Park Grand London Paddington, which is ideally located in the heart of the British capital. Location is convenient to many attractions and transport links, allowing tourists to easily get around the city. The four-star residence is ideal for families, large groups and couples in a romantic trip. The luxury hotel is located in a peaceful area Paddingtana and & # 39 is a common refuge for guests when they return after watching excursions and work. It is ideal for urban weekend in London.

Hotel Park Grand London Paddington has lovely rooms and suites that offer modern amenities such as a telephone, flat-screen TV with satellite channels and free Wi-Fi. In residential areas there are useful features such as a safety deposit box, hair dryer and smoothness. The beautiful bathrooms have a large number, the apartment has a plush bathrobes and slippers. Travelers will appreciate the free chilled water and fresh fruit available in the premises. They will also love the high quality bedding for excellent sleep during the trip. The residence is perfect for relaxing while relaxing in the beautiful city of London.

The Paddington has many wonderful boutique hotels, but this offer is perfect for her diligent employees. They offer a range of great services such as hour reception, as well as tours and ticket assistance. There are helpful concierge who can arrange any problems during the holiday, and guests must try the fantastic room service. The residence has a first-class gym, which has modern equipment for top training. In this region, there are plenty of eateries, but on-site locations is equally impressive.

Atlantic restaurant has delicious cuisine and is famous for its delicious breakfast "buffet", which is a great way to start the day. Atlantic Bar – the perfect place to visit with some light snacks and cocktails, ideal for business meetings or spending time with tourists. Working visitors will love the shiny hotel's business center, as well as excellent Club Lounge. There is free Wi-Fi, which is a wonderful trip that travelers are able to enjoy a business or personal goals, to be able to check e-mails or study where they want to go. Pets & # 39 is a great place to stay that is completely luxurious and in a great location.

London has many wonderful attractions that are close by, including the Palace of Kensington, the House of Parliament and the Tower of London. Shopping enthusiasts can go to Naytsbryzh, Oxford Street and Portobello market in Notting Hill markets. The Museum Quarter is located near Kensington, as well as beautiful green spaces of Hyde Park, which is a & # 39 is a great place for cycling or boating on the Snake River. Guests can also watch a musical or play in the next Teatrlandyi located in the vibrant West End. Paddyngton near the station and overground stations allow guests to easily get around London. This traffic stop also provides quick links to the airport through the service Heathrow Express.

Guide to hotels Expedia: tips on finding available hotels and save money on Expedia

Usually the person has never been easier (and more available) to travel. Now we need less one day, to get to the other end of the world. It was impossible for thousands of years who get very far. Thanks to sites like "Ekspedyya" go all the way from point A to point B, which can be literally anywhere in the world. However, getting to the point B – only the first step. You still need a place to actually stay and sleep as soon as you get there. It is here that come Hotel Deals Expedia.

This is one of the largest and most respected sites with discounts for travel, and for several years now. The search engine allows you to & # 39; to unite hundreds of thousands of & # 39 houses, almost 500 airlines and several car rental agencies to find affordable prices. You can also keep up to date with the latest offers on holiday and cruises.

Here are some tips to save as much money as possible:

• One way to get the hotel offers Expedia – is to subscribe to a mobile application. You can be notified via the application on the transactions that are not advertised on the website. It is also very convenient and saves storage routes, even if you do not have Wi-Fi.

• Consider booking a package. If you still need aviyabiletse, you can also on the & # 39; to combine the cost of the hotel and the flight together in one package. For additional savings and will reserve a car rental. Expedia search engine allows you to search all three simultaneously. This strategy may result in a deep savings that can help lower the total cost of the trip.

• Use coupons. If you will buy again online coupon "machine", then you'll be pleased to know that there Expedia coupons that you can use to attractive savings. Just read the terms and conditions to make sure you can use the coupon for the hotel reservation.

• Make sure the section "Transactions". The company is constantly updating this part of the site. He has a lot of categories, including last minute and the cheapest hotel prices. Constantly there are deals on hotels in popular tourist spots, both domestic and international.

• If you are a & # 39; an ordinary traveler, and an intention to find a lot of hotels in the future, you may want to join the Expedia +. This membership program offers exclusive discounts to which regular users are denied access, as well as glasses and VIP-hotel benefits.

Final words

Regardless of whether you will become a member of the Plus or not, you still can find some suggestions Expedia hotels and affordable price tickets.

It does not matter where you want to go and how long you plan to stay, you will need housing. Always start planning travel, having examined the proposals of the hotels Expedia. You will also find many other proposals for travel discounts. Use an interest rate on your next holiday booking using Expedia coupons.

Independent shore excursions in Canada and New England

If you enjoy active, independent shore excursions, you have something in common with the increasing number of cruise passengers who do not want to sit on one of the long line of buses in each port.

"Over the past three or four years, independent arrangements increased, because the younger audience wants something more than sitting on a bus," – said Joe L & # 39; Episkopi, on the tour manager for Holland America tours in Maasdam. "Some are well prepared with all the maps and literature and are ready to come on board."

As a "young" 60-year-old cruiser, I prefer to arrange their own tours and I think that it usually costs less. While many passengers focus on the "good life" on board the ship for me to serve as a comfortable hotel, which also provides the most convenient and affordable transportation to the place where I want to travel.

Last month, I chose the Maasdam to visit five of the most popular ports in Canada under the Canada / New England Bar Harbor, Maine; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; Quebec; and Boston, where the cruise started.

Here are a few tips to help you plan a separate event, to be used every day as much as possible on the coast on a cruise Canada / New England. Sidebar "If you go" includes contact information and prices.

Start planning at home

o Check out the information about each port on (World Directory World Directory). When people search on Google, you are likely to get someone, but the resources of the official tourist office approved.

o «study carefully to know the whole area and the port restrictions Do not try to do too much", says L & # 39;. Episcopo.

o After reviewing the information, compare what you are interested in, and that there is on board the ship.

o Be sure to bring home information with all contact information – names, phone numbers and email addresses.


o If you do not have enough time to study at home, your mobile phone and the Internet on the ship do not have much value.

o While sipping high hot frothy cup of cafe latte in a new research Maasdam cafe, cyber cafe / library, fun to browse the network and view the tourist guides for more information.

o Before you arrive in each port of call to confirm time, location and the cost of shore excursions.

o Every time you make your own arrangements, always be sure that the operator has adequate insurance and equipment.

Bar Harbor

Bicycle tour on the ship turned out to be my best bet. There were only eight of us (instead of 25 – 30), who wanted to ride on the gravel paths of the national park Akadyi.

Fortunately, our guide was a naturalist resident naturalist, who also recorded the chain at a certain steep slope of Mount Cadillac, the highest point on the east coast.

After that it was just enough time to talk to a few locals about a cold beer and a sandwich on Gaylinse, popular get-together on Main Street.


My local contact recommended the "Big Three": "Pier 21, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, as well as a tour of the city of Halifax Deluxe Victorian gardens, the graves of the Titanic and the Citadel.

Interactive museum exhibits Pier 21 recreated sharp stories about millions of Canadian immigrants who came to the same pier, where the Maasdam entrenched. It was a shame that most of the passengers of the ship passed him, not knowing what a wonderful experience they have missed.


Sea kayaking was the option, but for some unknown reason the ship is no longer offered a bicycle tour of the peaceful countryside of the island kanfederatsyynay trail. But a taxi was easy to get to the Trailside Café at Mount Stuart, where my friend and I rented a well-maintained bikes and helmets.

Be careful not to risk sending a ship at 1:30 pm, we have not gone too far in the field of rock excellent field surface. If we had a failure and was unable to contact the ship, we probably would have left behind. If the delay author tour was delayed, however, he waited.


Quebec is almost entirely French in feel. Lower Town Old Town is just across the street from the ship, and you can easily wander through the narrow cobbled lanes of the charming bistros and cafés pedestrian Petit Shamplayn. After this 12-minute funicular ride invites you to visit a fabulous castle hotel Chateau Frontenac. Nearby, in a large city park called the Plains of Abraham, there are more opportunities to assess the culture, history, and sports activities. Horse riding, rafting and cycling – and other attractive adventures outdoors in Quebec. To explore the countryside, organize private minibus to meet you at the dock. Of course, the price is right.

Kostanay and dripping

After dropping off the ship in Montreal, I went back to Boston to meet up with my sister for a long Memorial Day weekend.

Our hotel was conveniently close to the Boston community and the public garden, the perfect place for a quick morning walk. Later on we went to Long Wharf Boston to catch a high-speed ferry in 90 minutes Pravinstaun, Cape Cod. The tourist office at the end of the pier Pravinstauna gave us directions for a trip on the trolley to the island, bicycle rental and a tour of the national seashore.

Back in Boston, we decided against participating in the popular town of Duck Tour in landing ship of the Second World War, painted so as to appear like a carnival. When he drove right into the river Charles, the guide urged passengers to continue to "quack-canopy".

Instead, private guide met us at the hotel for "Boston Your Way" tour is more attractive for the audience of National Public Radio. While Meryglena Vincent excursions do not have a lot of glare, she knows exactly what his "thing" and can drive a car through the narrow streets of the North End and Beacon Hill, where a long line of tourist buses do not go.

Top Luxury Hotels in Asia

Although the cost of a ticket on a large transport is higher than ever before, a trip to Asia is a great value. from above Luxury Hotels in Asia They tend to be much cheaper than in London or New York, and the service is always quite beautiful. Cheap dining and bargain all – from designer clothes to electronics could make the journey to the Far East, not only enjoyable, but also good financial sense.

Here are just three of the city, which can cause appetite for foreign travel, and three luxury hotels in Asia, of which you will be talking for years to come!


Dubai is all about sun, sand and shopping. He has great luxury hotels and resorts right on the beach with world class facilities and guaranteed year-round sunshine. Take a 4WD Wadi trip to see the "real" Dubai or visit some of the cultural attractions of the city. A large shopping center Dubai Dubai, the largest shopping mall in the world – a great place for cooling in air-conditioned stores.

Luxury Hotels in Dubai

For those who enjoy the best in the world, stay in one of the world's highest hotel should not be missed. The iconic Burj Al Arab – the third largest hotel building in the world. This beautiful structure, designed as a huge sail, consistently ranked in the list of gold Condé Nast Gold, and although pricey, the chance to stay in this top luxury hotel in Dubai – one of the greatest moments in life.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong – one of the most popular destinations for travelers and combines the taste of China with a strong British influence. Cross the harbor on the Star Ferry and prakatsitsesya the cable car to the top of Victoria to get a beautiful view of the Kovlun. Look at the night markets, which arise through the streets with excellent design fights, take a harbor cruise, or go to the race, while you're here.

Luxury hotels in Hong Kong

Get a great view of the waterfront with a location on the waterfront Kovlun, "Intercontinental" – one of the most luxurious hotels are located in Hong Kong. A few minutes walk from the Star Ferry terminal among the high-end stores. It is equipped with the latest technology and significantly superior to most European hotels with the help of Insider Concierge services and Global Connector.


This compact city-state, like nowhere else in the world. It offers visitors a variety of activities the waterfront, as well as great shopping on Orchard Road, in the picturesque Chinatown. A trip to the zoo night safari is highly recommended to see the nocturnal animals that feed after dark. Climb to the Nature Reserve Bukit Timah for wonderful views and visit one of the beautiful gardens of orchids, to pick up a box of fresh cut flowers as a great souvenir.

Luxury Hotels in Singapore

In Singapore, the historic Raffles Hotel lives up to its reputation as one of the largest luxury hotels in the world. Even if you do not stay here, take afternoon tea, but the Lord will put on a jacket and tie. Generous lobby, courtyard gardens and beautifully renovated apartment will be a long impression.

What is the danger of a snowstorm in Atlanta in 2014 dazzling hides?

You and I will have the night. For someone from Boston, which is a great bargain can predict the 2 inches of snow?

Well, it was in Atlanta 17-hour trip in a snowstorm in Atlanta in 2014, even though I left early, when I heard about the snow.

What I did not know was:

(1) The manager of the building where there was my car, lock the usual pre-gate with & # 39; Congress and force us down into five levels and reach the smooth ice slope of 45 degrees on the lane without access traffic. Their decision to unilaterally limit the exposure to someone who slips on the snow on the upper deck, became unsolvable event very long trip. It seems that I was late only 5 minutes before the lock out (leave thoughts about this decision for consideration at the customer orientation).

(2) The mayor of Atlanta decided to send all the houses at the same time, flooding the roads to millions of people, and not to distribute dismissal.

(3) In Atlanta, people do not fill the gas tanks on weekends during the weekend, when it does snow. This will lead to the fact that hundreds of cars stopped in traffic, as long as they do not run out of gas in the middle of the road, next to the road kill.

Using hindsight, I should have either (1) to leave the dinner early, (2) was in the hotel next door to wait, that was then one inch of snow, or (3) lucky to have decided not to go to the meeting.

After living for ten years in New England, I know how to drive on snow and ice, in sequence to fill my gas tank for the weekend, and I'm loving wife called me and said that this time is actually snow.

If in your life or business you need to (1) create a certain version of a plan of action for emergencies, if happens something really surprising, but it is an emergency, in order to avoid, and (3) have any financial or emotional reserves for your someone, rather than OR?

Some organizations call this process of planning for emergencies, risk assessment, risk management, operational risk management, enterprise risk management, and even the strategic orientation of the annual budget process. The fact is that if your organization has not regularly engaged in at least one of the best business practices, your version of snowstorm in Atlanta in 2014 hiding in a dead end you and your business.

If you did not plan any of your blind million dollars, which is actually very unexpected to someone guessed your decision that may have been made on what you think the best available evidence. And, in truth, if you have done the minimum plan contingencies to your unique predictable risks, you would create a better system of guidance and understanding.

Foote Notes: Boston College at VA Tech

Former competitors "Big East" Boston College and VA Tech for the first time faced with OPS members in a key match on Thursday night ESPN. Khaki – home favorites with two touchdowns, and the overall flow of published hovers around 45.

Number 13 this season, Boston College takes 6-1 (SU) and 4-3 (ATS), as well as excellent 2-0 (SU & ATS) from Chestnut Mountain. The Eagles, who were last weekend, overcame a lot of mistakes early in his latest 35-30 home win against Forrest Ueyk two weeks ago.

"Eagles" is actually behind 30-21, 3:29 left in regulation before Matt Ryan Quintana Porter replaced a defender to get 15 unanswered. Wind and rain have contributed to five turns BC, covered the crowd in BC and at least 10 BC falls within the competition.

Star defensive end, "Eagles" Mathias Kiwanuka (stretched knee), starting defensive means Al Washington (elbow) and a return-back jazz Williams (thigh) – all sat out against Wake Forest and doubt tonight. With these three players in the lineup, Boston College – one of the most brutal defensive teams on the ground.

Eagles really are populated on the 7th place in the country in points per game, 8th against the run and 9th in total defense. The crime of the 37th place BC unlikely behavior. The device has a stunning run of balance and skipping and running, perhaps with the best offensive line in the country.

Eagles – perfect 5-0 (ATS), which have been in the past five as a road dog, including 1-0 (ATS) as a guest of the dog in this season. Recently, BC equally dangerous ghost against VA Tech. The Eagles have landed money for each of the last four meetings and reached 5-0 (ATS) their past five on the "Lane" stadium. In fact, BC discovered upset 34-27 as 15-point dog, his last trip to Blacksburg.

№ 3 VA Tech makes four revolutions, and brought Maryland only 7-3 and a half before discourage direct point 21 towards the dominant winning 28-9 as a favorite 10-point road last Thursday. VT seemed the only touchdown with only 2:16 hours of time and win at Maryland 497 yards to 254 per night.

The victory improved Boehmer team to 7-0 (SU) and 6-1 (ATS) overall, and 14-2 (ATS) over the past sixteen years, which date back to last season. Hockey been extremely reliable as a favorite of the late sending cute 12-4 (ATS), which mark the last sixteen as chalk as a whole, and 12-2 ATS record last fourteen as a home chalk of -7.5 to -14.5.

As noted last week, the remarkable success of the VA Tech this year can be attributed to the power on several fronts. The VT was only three gifts, which went to the game last week against Maryland, and so far only seven this season, compared with 16 departures.

Meanwhile, special Beamer team once again were "special", and the protection of its brand ranked number 4 in the country in general and the 2nd place in points. It's a deadly combination in this season of the & # 39; united five reverse touchdown and countless tens of inverse manipulators during the stay Beamer.

VA Tech has extra motivation to be a strange man this season in the BCS behind Texas and USC. But some impressive wins close OPS schedule, and "Hockey" is removed from the outside of the two desired computer & # 39; computer staining.

Good luck with today's rates!