Flights BOS – PDX – Fly from Boston to Portland? Here is a guide on airlines and airline tickets

How can I get from the US East Coast to the West Coast today? Many who choose the flight from Boston Logan International, which is a & # 39; is the largest airport of New England, and is directed towards the city like Portland. Flights from PDX to BOS with & # 39 is one of the cheapest, and a number of airlines offer great deals on this route. The distance between the two airports a little over 2,500 miles.

The following airlines offer reasonable price tickets:

• Spirit Airlines

• JetBlue

• Delta

• Alaska

• Sun Country Air

• American Airlines

If you plan to buy a ticket for the journey, you'll be glad to know that you can leave your car in the BOS airport for a very small fee. There are several car parks to choose from, and you can view them on the official airport website. You can also take the subway from downtown Boston to Logan International.

How long does it take flights from BOS to PDX? The average flight time without a clock is 6 hours and 14 minutes. There are daily flights to 90 mode, which on average is 13 per day. If during the flight there is a stop, the general city connections include Newark, San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Time to book flights from PDX to BOS

It is better to try to book several weeks in advance, not only because the price is usually cheaper, but also because you can get the opportunity to choose their own place. Ideally, you pick a window chair, so you can see as much of the country, from New England to a green mid-western plains, to rocky cliffs, and finally the Pacific coast.

Usually, the cheapest day for flights between the two cities is usually on Wednesday. If you can, avoid flight during important holidays, as prices are escalating. September cheapest month for Boston to the West Coast flight. With airlines offering flights from BOS to PDX, Spirit Airlines and American Airlines usually offer the best deals. Alaska Airlines flies this route more often, offering five flights a day.

Do you plan to reserve a hotel room? Depending on the airline website booking and modern tourism trends, you can get a better deal if the stay and airfare together. Usually there is an opportunity to add to the kit car rental. See the holiday packages that include flights from BOS to the PDX, and compare prices.

Not so hard to find a large number of tickets – you can simply visit the tourist sites to get discount flights from BOS to PDX. Use this site to save room and car. Take time to see the coupon codes on the internet to see if you can use such a trip.

A lot of nonsense Guide to the best of Boston

Boston full of exciting cases, things to look out for, and a lot of things to go through. Depending on where you live, you can get to Boston by train, plane or car. And if you get there, transportation is easy to find, and you can get to you and to all your destinations. That's nonsense, of Boston Manual and proposed schedule for the first couple of days.

Fenway park
This baseball park – the ideal place to start your tour of Boston. We love the Red Sox, Fenway Park, and, well, we really love all that baseball, and this stadium with a & # 39 is the best place the best of the best games. Not to mention the fact that the original architecture of the stadium when it was built. My favorite site was the right Field column, which they call the Sands – Polish player name Red Sox Johnny Sands. He has a history, which gives a lot of yellow pole individuality. For those in your group who is not engaged in baseball, they can enjoy the sites, sounds and sensory overload offered by any game of baseball. I say that a trip to Fenway Park – a home run.

boston Common
The Boston Common has a very interesting history. In the mid 1600s it was karovny Pasha, who became a British camp, a popular place for public appearances and meetings and is now recognized as the oldest public park in the United States. This is a place for activities such as musical theater performances and other events, many of which can be used free of charge. Spring and summer months are more comfortable seasons to visit Boston Common, but simply spectacular, if cover a blanket of snow. We always visit during the warmer months, so that we can walk in the park, people watched and enjoyed the activities that have a lot of mandatory vision Boston.

Boston Square
Near the Boston Common to Boston Public Garden, which has the right to boast the first public botanical garden. Do you want to spend a few hours, especially in the nice warm day, and let the beauty of Mother Natures surround you. Trees, flowers and beautifully preserved landscapes filled with artistic territory. If you visit, make sure you visit the most iconic statue of Boston, "The way to a bronze ducklings" and the infamous statue of George Washington – the one where he is riding a horse. Remember the show Cheers? The park is located next to the original restaurant, which inspired the famous TV show. Take a picture directly on the stairs.

Isabella Stewart Garden
That widows may be in 1898, when her husband died and left her a priceless Italian art collection? Buy as land and start their own museum, the public is always enjoyed. In its museum, which she called the Isabella Stewart Garden, full of masterpieces by Titian, Raphael and showcases one of the good furniture, photographs, rare books and sculptures. I was struck by her extravagant taste for fine art and beauty as well as her motivation to carry out this initiative. The museum also has a glass atrium, greenhouses and superb manicured gardens, which have been added in recent years to improve the atmosphere. I recommend a visit here an hour since your in the area. You'll be glad you did it, and probably will want to make plans to return.

Museum of Fine Arts
It's unbelievable. We sat in one of the comfortable buses from the gardens of the Isabella Stewart and headed to the Museum of Fine Arts, which is only five blocks. We were able to open it, but I recommend to call for hours only if you visit on a weekend. You need to give more time here, because there is a lot to see. There is also a fabulous collection of Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, and newer artists. Really nice part is that you can spend your free tour of the entire museum, which is considered one of the oldest art institutions in the country. It was strange to see that in the same building as represented by the greatest artists of the world.

Boston Symphony Orchestra
It's really magical music for someone. It does not matter if you like the band or not you enjoy life. Boston Symphony Orchestra performs more than 200 concerts annually. For example, world-class musicians, but the acoustics make the concerts almost preferred. I hope that you will be able to purchase tickets and have time to enjoy a concert, but if not, there are tours of the historic building, offering a spectacular view of history, musicians and what it takes to be part of the Boston attractions. Symphony Hall is located in the southern part of Boston near the campus of Northeastern University. It is easily accessible four metro stations that are within walking distance. Rejoice in the taxi, which we did, so no parking.

New English Aquarium
Whether you are young or young at heart, New England Aquarium – stop, which is totally worth the travel. If you have small children, there are many things to make them happy and fascinated. Here you can see thousands of sea creatures. Giant Ocean Tank right in the center of the building – a four-tank full of beautiful underwater wonders. I do not believe that this building has been more than 1000 different species. It has two main findings – seals and sea turtles, which are easy to slide into the water. We missed being fed a penguin, but we were told that it is visible, so when you go, ask the employee about the schedule or call ahead. Ask that plays in the Imax theater, the kids will love the three-dimensional educational films about the amazing things that are happening under the sea.

Traveling to Boston? Eight Tips to save a lot of cash

Perhaps you are ready for a trip to Boston, but it's your bank

account? As one of the most expensive cities in the country,

Boston can quickly run out of money for vacation. Central

The room, per night in 2004 according to the Greater Boston

Bureau of Conferences and visitors is 187 dollars. Now imagine that all other costs are added to the whole.

Here are some ways to hold these funds:

1. Think to book a hotel outside the city.

Brookline and Cambridge – two nice cities that come to mind.

You can easily jump on the "T" for a short trip, and take it

Boston and back every day. You can save a big chunk of change

depending on how long you are on your trip.

2. Check prices for flights arriving in Providence.

It is just a 50-minute bus ride to Boston. Southwest Airlines,

which can offer much lower fares, does not fly directly

Boston, because you lose in convenience, you get


3. Book a package deal.

Web sites such as,, and offers all the packages that will help you save

purchasing air and hotel together. You can even check

directly to the hotel to find out they offer a lower price

what is advertised on the Internet.

4. Stay at a local boarding house or remove the furniture.

they usually cost less and give you more feel, what exactly is life in Boston. Two companies that offer a lot of the main sites in Boston – Agency lunches and breakfasts in Boston ( and Bay Colony and Breakfast Associates Bay ( ).

5. Ride by MBTA (also known as "T").

This subway system and buses, which covers the entire Boston.

Driving and parking in Boston can be frustrating and costly.

If you plan to watch a lot of attractions, you can pick up a ticket for the visitor for a single fee of 7.50 dollars per day, $ 18 for three days or $ 35 for seven days. Otherwise, most of the attractions are worth $ 1.25.

6. Buy Boston CityPass (

This allows you to see six of the most famous landmarks in Boston

50% discount and avoid the ticket lines. you can

buy the pass online or at the first visited attractions

for $ 36.75 for adults and $ 25.50 for youth. here comes

Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, the Skywalk Observatory,

Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Museum of Natural History and

JFK Library and Museum.

7. Spend time in free attractions.

You can enjoy street performers and browse the shops at

Quincy Market. Play Freedom Trail. spend time

Boston-Sitele, the oldest US park. Take a ride on the famous swan boats for under three dollars. Go to Harvard University Art

Museum on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm, are free

reception. Other museums also offer special performances, so check them out


8. Use coupons.

Contact your travel agency or the hotel where you left off

for special and coupons. When I booked a trip to Las

In Vegas through I was given a booklet at my hotel with many discounts throughout the city. If you are a & # 39; a member of AAA, call them to find out what deals they offer. You can even check out the main attractions of the site.

Follow these tips and you can save considerably on your

upcoming trip to Boston. Enjoy!

Tips for traveling to Boston – for a pleasant stay

Boston is in Massachusetts. Destination occupies a prominent place in the itinerary of many visitors arriving through the flights to Boston. These days, many airlines offer airline discounts, and therefore, more and more budget travelers can plan a vacation in this city, steeped in history. The city entered into the lime lights during the country's struggle for independence. The event "Boston Tea Party" – neodymium & # 39; emnaya part of history textbooks. While tourists can visit this exciting city at any time of the year, and the period from September to September is the best time. Summers are warm, but a little humid, winters can be quite cold. Lovers of winter, can visit the city in the winter season. During this time, also available cheap.

Since the city is known for its rich past, many monuments and museums demonstrate the struggle for the independence of the topic. In order to see the meandering river Charles, known institution Harvard, or the famous field Leksingtonskaga battlefield helicopter ride you can order and enjoy.

As soon as one lands at Logan International Airport, Boston, scenic attractions are fascinating guests. The airport itself offers so many activities and attractions that you can spend a lot of time. To go to the city you have to walk a lot of movement. If the study book, instead of having to stand in line for a cab, use public transport much easier and more difficult. There are buses, taxis, and even underground. Customers who want to leisurely explore the city, rent a bicycle or bicycle – the best idea. Nowadays, cheap tickets to Boston are easily accessible; should immediately book them, then to avoid the inconvenience.

Visiting this city, we can not exclude it enjoy winter nightlife. Clubs and bars are arranged landscape of this marvelous city. Moreover, sports enthusiasts can enjoy even more, grab your favorite Red Red Sox, pakarmivshy refreshing drink. Still it is necessary to enjoy the wine in this city, appetizing seafood specialties such as lobster, oysters, shrimp and more. If visitors have to skip the crowded city, they can come here and winters have city completely for themselves. Many restaurants offer a service for dinner and supper, which give the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine and enjoy the dance performances.

The level of crime in the city is not very high, so at night you can walk without fear. A good network of public transport facilitated tourists visit various popular tourist attractions. Amazing bargain shopping on Newbury Street – another attraction, which can offer a destination. Thus, without losing time, a cheap flight to Boston as Frontier Airlines, need to book.

The best hotels in Boston Review: recommendations for nice hotels near popular attractions

Boston offers both historical and modern, cosmopolitan experience. This is one of the oldest cities in the United States and a popular place for tourists and business travelers. No matter why you're going to go – you take time to explore the best hotels in Boston. In the city center there are many hotels, as well as the surrounding suburbs such as Cambridge. It is also convenient to combine a hotel with a flight when booking trips on the Internet.

Logan International Airport is located two miles from the heart of Boston. If you want to stay close to the airport, there are options such as Hyatt Regency Boston Harbour and Hilton Boston – Logan Airport. These are two lovely, decent hotel, close to the terminal.

One of the biggest attractions of the city with the & # 39 is the Museum of Fine Arts. Verb Hotel, Midtown Hotel and Convention Inn – Hotels in Boston, if you want to visit the museum. Also close to this attraction there are several other accommodation options.

luxury hotels

You are looking for a luxurious experience? Or at least want to stay in an upscale four-five star hotel? So how about staying in one of them?

• Four Seasons

• RIT Carlton

• InterContinental Boston

• The hotel Boxer Boston

• Hotel Ames Boston (Curio Collection – Hilton)

• Bastonskaya

• Omni Parker House

• Langham

These are some of the highest ratings, the best hotels in Boston, and everyone is close to popular attractions.

other recommendations

The oldest park in the United States – a 50-hectare Boston custom, which is located between Beck Bay and the city center. If you go in the winter, you can enjoy ice skating on a pond Zabno. In the spring months, the park is very beautiful. Think about being in Kimpton Nine Zero, The Godfrey Hotel, Boston Park Plaza or Club Quarters Hotel.

No trip to Boston is complete without a visit to Fenway Park. Even if you do not go to the baseball season, you want to still be as close as possible. Some good advice – Lenox Hotel and The Elliot Hotel. An inexpensive option to & # 39 are Hotel Midtown Boston Park Plaza.

For a country holiday journey into Cambridge. It is Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Mass Institute of Technology. Stay at the Sheraton Commander, Courtyard by Marriott, Hotel Veritas or the Royal Sonesta.

Compare prices and convenience on the best hotels in Boston and start planning your trip today. Decide whether you want to combine hotel reservations or airline tickets, car rental, or with both.

Where you can do your research? Learn about the best hotels in Boston, and view images, maps, instructions and much more online. You can expect around the clock customer service and competitive prices. Get more great discounts using promo codes online.

5 best tips for traveling by car with your Boston ter & # 39; EPAM

One of the dog's ownership problems & # 39 is traveling with his dog. There are problems when traveling with any breed, but Boston ter & # 39; EASURES come with its own set of special needs that must be addressed during long road trips. There are many methods, a lot of tools, methods and techniques used to manage the trip by car with Boston ter & # 39; EPAM. Some work better than others. Now, how can you get the best results?

Understanding and preparation, of course, the key. In the same way, the real key to achieving good results when traveling to Boston ter & # 39; Jeremiah from & # 39 is much more know-how about what is working and properly prepared before you travel.

Here are 5 easy tips on traveling with your car ter Boston & # 39; EPAM:

1. Go to Boston for a long walk before you get in the car.Just why is it important? Ter Boston & # 39; EASURES energetic in nature and can be summarized as surly and when they will have to stay still for too long. This is compounded if they have not had a proper chance to break (WC) (which you know, there are a few, if you already have Boston). Make sure your friend has time to run about and do their business just before a long trip by car. And what happens when you follow this advice? You can be sure that your Boston will be pleased with the bed for a long part of the trip, and you will be comfortable until you stop your first planned vacation ..

2. Remove the bowl full of ice, instead of the bowl with water. Water tends to spill during the journey by car, but it is absolutely necessary for your Boston had access to fresh, cool drinking water at all times, especially if you are traveling during the summer months. Ice actually helps, because ter Boston & # 39; EASURES brahitsefalnyya (ie, they have a short snout) and very susceptible to overheating. Cold water will help your pet to regulate body temperature on a hot day.

3. Put the shades on the windows of the car. Once again, the main reason for this – ter intolerance Boston & # 39; EPA to heat. Although you may notice that your friend seeks to sunlight on the floor of the living room, it is important that they were somewhere shady to lie down. It's also a good idea, since in Boston very thin coat and is at risk of suras & # 39; oznaga sunburn when exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

4. There is a comfortable bed for the car. And why is it a good idea? Car seats are designed for the convenience of human buttocks, and not for the comfort of our canine friends. If seat belts and stick to sew in strange places, they can be very uncomfortable for your dog on a long journey. Are there any other reasons? Depending on the color of the vehicle interior, seats (and seat belts) can become very hot – hot enough to burn your Boston. The presence of a special bed eliminates this risk for the dog.

5. Take breaks every 2 – 3 h. And it is important because of what? Like humans, dogs need to take a break to rest every so often. Boston to your long drive can be as uncomfortable and restless as you can. What other good reasons to eat? It is not useful and uncomfortable for your dog to "hold it" for a long period of time. If you notice that your dog n & # 39; e lot of ice water, you may have to stop more often. A good indicator? If you need to go, they are probably too.

And the last word of advice: Never leave your Boston ter & # 39; EPA in a car on a warm or sunny day. Even on a cool day, the temperature in the car can rise 30 degrees in less than 15 minutes, which can have fatal consequences for your traveling pet.

If you carefully adhere to these 5 tips, you should count on a happy and comfortable adventure, if you find yourself on the road with the Boston ter & # 39; EPAM.